Fast-Track Your Success on Youtube

STOP wishing for success and take your first step today to becoming a successful YouTuber by getting exact tips, strategies and insights from me. I will walk you step-by-step through the exact methods of how I build from 0 subscribers to 3.4m+ subscribers, generating 6 figures income annually and living my dream life. The best part is you can achieve the same result if not more! ✅

Youtube Stardom isn't a pipe dream.
You Can Do it too.


Fast-Track Your Success on Youtube

STOP wishing for success and take your first step today to becoming a successful YouTuber by getting exact tips, strategies and insights from me. I will walk you step-by-step through the exact methods how I build from 0 subscribers to 3.4m+ subscribers, generating 6 figures income annually and living my dream life. The best part is you can achieve the same result if not more! ✅

Youtube Stardom isn't a pipe dream. You Can Do it.



Chances are, you've seen my viral videos on Youtube.

With a track record of over 10 years of Youtube Experience, with over half a billion views. 72 videos with 1M+ Views. Over 28 videos with 5M+ views. 14 videos with 10M+ views. 5 videos with 20M+ Views. Success on youtube is easy once you have a blueprint to subscriber growth.

My Name Is

Josh Paler Lin

I am an online entrepreneur that consistently generated 6-figure income on my channel and closed multiple $100,000+ brand deals utilizing my traffic. Now I’m on a mission to help more people to get the same result and achieve their dream

A Little Bit AbouT My Story...

If you ever watched any of my viral videos, you must think “he must come from a rich family” or “he probably got lucky with money”. I can see why people would assume that seeing all the luxury cars in my videos and traveling around the world. But let me tell you the real story…

It was never 'easy'

In 2006, I left my country and came to the United States alone at the age of 17, with the hope of chasing the American dream. I not only had to face the culture shock and language barrier, but also had to learn how to survive on my own. My parents never had much money yet they used their only savings to support me pursuing my dream in America.

A Little Bit AbouT My Story...

In 2010, I created my YouTube channel “JoshPalerLin”. I was inspired by many other YouTubers that were making funny and entertaining videos for a living. I asked myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could do the same? Creating funny videos and making a living doing what you love?” 

So I tried... and I failed...

And I tried again and failed again. On and off for about 4 years straight with barely 1,000 subscribers. Now looking back, I finally understood why I didn’t succeed at that time… because my content and the strategy behind it just weren’t good enough. I was just creating videos and hoping they would start getting views or subscribers. Most importantly, I didn’t have anyone or a mentor to teach me how to become successful on YouTube…
It is still so vivid to me, I remember I only had $4 dollars left in my bank account. I was only able to afford $5 Little Caesar’s Pizza for the entire day to survive at one point. I didn’t want to tell my parents or ask them for money because I knew they were suffering themselves already, and I didn’t want them to worry about me all the way on the other side of the world.

I kept going.

After graduating from college in 2014, I got a marketing job in Downtown Los Angeles that took me one hour of commuting with my beat-up Honda Civic every single day. Meanwhile, I still didn’t give up on my dream of doing what I love. I would work on my YouTube channel after getting out of work or during the weekend. I remember some friends would tease me and try to bring me down for working so hard on my dream. Of course, I don’t talk to any of those people anymore. I was relentless and passionate about making YouTube videos. I saw the vision and opportunity before anyone else did.


I cracked the code to youtube.

I started making more money on YouTube than the 9-5 job that was paying me. On April 30th, 2014, I quit my job and went ALL IN for my dream (you can see this on my Instagram, where I share a picture of my cubical office desk at the time).
This is the day I quit my office job to pursue my dream of succeeding on Youtube!

Fast forward...

Now, I am a 3 million+ subscribers YouTuber with more than half a billion organic views on my channel, which generates a 6 figure income for me. I not only get to work with some of the biggest brands in the world but also have the ability to travel around the world and work anywhere I desire (as long as there’s good WiFi)

All I'm Trying to Say Is...

I came from a humble beginning. So if you’re reading this and coming from a similar situation like I was before, just know, it’s possible. Chasing your dreams is possible. If I, as an immigrant, coming from another country with $4 in my bank account can make it - you sure can too.


The only difference between you and me is that now you have the resource, a mentor. Someone truly wants you to succeed and thrive. Instead of going through all the failure, pain, and mistakes that I personally went through. You now can learn directly from me and speed up the process to succeed on YouTube.


This is your life we are talking about. Do you want to become successful and reach all your wildest dreams? DO NOT let this opportunity slip away and fill you with regret later, don’t become one of those people saying: “ahhhh I wish I have made that decision back then”, “I could have been successful or I could have made all this money that others are making right now”.


All you need to do NOW is to take ACTION!! And start making your dream a reality.  This course literally will show you all the secret tips and tricks on how to build a successful YouTube business as I did.  IT’S NOW OR NEVER!! The choice is in your hand now.



I want to help you reach your dreams on Youtube.

The fastest way to succeed at something is to learn from someone whose already done it. Fast track your success to Youtube by discovering everything I’ve done to explode my career on Youtube.

Need some proof?

I’ve discovered everything a successful Youtuber needs to know to take their channel to the next level. Checkout some screenshots from my Youtube account below:

The Perfect Course to Reprogram Your 'Youtube Success'

To start the transformation with your channel, uploading content to YouTube blindly is simply not enough, you need the RIGHT strategy, tactic, and mindset!  

Clear Step-By-Step System

We have created a cohesive proven system on how to grow a channel from 0 subscribers to millions, allowing you to walk away KNOWING what to do with 100% confidence!   

Best community on the Internet

Our students join a worldwide community of people just like you; cheering them on to their next level! We are here as a family to build each other up and help one another to succeed! 

Top Secrets for Success

We will show you the secrets and practices that have contributed to the success of my channel. Everything you need to know from structuring a high-engaged video to creating viral videos with 10s of millions of views! 

True MentorShip You Can Trust

Not only will you learn from my success directly, but you will also have access to some incredible guests who have earned 6 to 7 figures on their YouTube channel within their niche! 

By following My blueprint, you too can reach youtube stardom.

Listen. Growing your Youtube with no knowledge of the algorithm, virality, and subscriber growth can feel impossible. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled EVERYTHING I’ve learned in the past 10 years to help you reach your first million subscribers on youtube.

What our students have to say...

"I am blown away...Josh really takes you step by step through the whole process...If you were to only execute 50% of what Josh says, you will still crush it."
- Charles
"I was trying to grow my youtube channel for a while...this course was actually my last hope...thanks to the Youtube Creator Masterclass I'm gaining new subscribers every day."
- Eugen
"What you get out of this course is so valuable...he covers everything you want to see in a course...he teaches you how to get reposted, gain traffic, and get subscribers, he gives you honest tricks." 
- Moaci
"I found the course to be really insightful, almost like having a mentor. After watching his videos, not only does he have great tips, he gives you a sense of confidence." 
- Nate
"Josh was able to help us create better content that converted much higher rates for our clients. He made our viewers become more loyal and more engaged."
- George
"When I started the course I had no idea how to run a youtube channel...Josh showed me how to start a youtube channel from your first video...I'm now earning money from my channel."
- Sergio
“Until Josh came into my life to help me, I didn’t know what to do, I uploaded things I thought would do well but didn’t…he taught me that there’s a formula that anyone can replicate and that’s when I started seeing real results”
- Rene
"After going through video after video, course after course, there really is nothing in comparison to Josh’s Youtube Course… If there’s anything that I have learned in business you have to find someone who has the results that you want and to follow what they’re doing, learn from them, and only then will you be successful. This is exactly the resource I needed."
- Melissa

"Success on Youtube is Easy. You just need a blueprint that's proven to work."


The Youtube Creator Masterclass

80+ Training Specific Videos

20+ Hours of Video Content

Private Facebook Group Access

So what's inside this masterclass?

First, you’ll be walked step-by-step on how to create your channel the proper way, define your niche audience, and understand everything about your traffic source and audience insights.


We will be going over the type of content you can create, how your content affects your earnings, and how to know the perfect length for your content. 
+ Learn the ideal hardware & software you need to create content flawlessly.


In Module #3, we’ll be deep-diving into the mindset and secret psychology that I’ve developed to create mega-viral videos. You’ll learn the full structure of how to keep your viewers engaged and trigger them to share your content (the snowball effect)


Ever wonder how the Youtube Algorithm works? In Module #4, you’ll learn how to get your videos suggested within the Youtube Ecosystem by researching proper tags from your competitors and using them to your advantage.


Module #5 has one goal - to make sure you’re ready to monetize your channel correctly. We’ll go in-depth with different methods to show you how to gain traffic from either organically or paid traffic.


Nothing is more important than having a die-hard fan base that supports you when it comes to your Youtube Success. We will discuss the secret and strategy behind building a highly loyal fan base.


Learn an arsenal of technical skills in terms of filming and editing your videos. You’ll get a first-hand look on how to edit viral videos, and how to optimize each video with the attention rule.


A comprehensive breakdown of how you can monetize creatively with your channel even with a small amount of followers. You’ll be learning 7 different methods to monetize your content so you have multiple streams of monthly revenue.


The final chapter - you’ll learn how to continue to be a successful Youtuber once you’ve hit 1 million subscribers - and how to run your channel as a successful business by working smarter, not harder.


You'll also get access to these bonuses...

In this hack section, we will be revealing many more specific tips and tricks that we didn’t mention in the previous modules. Hacks like how to travel for free by leveraging your channel, how to negotiate/integrate brand deals, how to test out your thumbnails before going live, how to create a proper media press kit, how to build a successful channel without ever showing your face and much more!
“Whatever your mind thinks and believes, it will become your reality”. We are going to train you more heavily on this bonus mindset section, to shape you becoming a tough warrior. So you can always keep your energy in peace and conquer this game that we called life and success.
You are not only going to learn from me directly but also have the opportunity to see other YouTubers’ massive success in this exclusive interview section. We're talking about 5m to 10m subscribers above. How they became who they are today, what are their mindset and everything in between.


Brand deal and collab email templates

You'll also get instant access to proven email templates I have personally used to close Brand Deals, Collabs, and much more with big companies and brands around the world. This resource alone can make you tons of money!


Access to Private Facebook Group

You'll be enrolled in an exclusive private community of other Youtube Content Creators just like yourself so you can mastermind, answer your burning questions, and get insight from people doing the same thing as you.


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- Brian Reategui

Start Your Journey to Dominate Youtube.

Get access to all of this for only $497 (Or 3 payments of $197)

Got Questions?
We have answers.

Who are you and why should I listen to you?
I believe in life you should only listen to the people that can talk the talk and walk the walk. I’m not like all the other “gurus” out there trying to tell you how to make viral videos, grow your channel to millions, and make 6 figures consistently. I’ve done it all and continue to do so. From building a YouTube channel with 0 subscribers to millions, generating half billion views, to living my dream life doing what I love. Now, I want to help you to achieve the same success that I have if not more.
Can I make viral videos and lots of money with this course?
This is definitely not one of those “get rich quick” schemes. And if anyone tells you they can make you rich quick, RUN the opposite way! However, to answer your question, it’s YES and also NO. Let me explain. Let’s say I install all my knowledge, tips, and tricks that I’ve learned throughout my YouTube career into your brain, but you do NOTHING with it. Do you think you can build a successful YouTube channel and make lots of money? You know the answer. But on the other hand, if you use all the knowledge from this course, and implement an exact step by step with consistency. The rest will be history before you know it. And you can thank me later ☺
I know Josh does funny prank videos, but I want to do a different type of content. Can this course help with channels like gaming, beauty, lifestyle, comedy, vlogging, music, dancing, etc?
Totally! When we craft out this course, we specifically want to make sure EVERYONE can benefit from it. Doesn’t matter what type of content you produce, the fundamental and success formula is the same. This course covers everything from picking your niche, understanding how it affects your revenue to dominating within your niche community. Remember, your success is our success. We want you to succeed. 
I've heard you don't make money from your channel unless you have millions of subscribers?
Half true, only if you don’t know how to monetize correctly. I dedicated a whole module on monetization within this course to teach you at least 7 ways you can monetize even if you don’t have millions of subscribers. 
Fun fact: I quit my 9-5 job back in 2013 when I only had 100k subscribers at that time, and I was able to generate more income than the other job that was paying me. If I can do it, you can do the same for yourself too.

YouTube is always changing. How do I know this course is current and up to date?
Great question. We will not only keep updating to the newest version that works for current YouTube free of charge, but also, once you enroll today, you will automatically be given the opportunity to join our monthly subscription group, where we will be giving you direct feedback weekly, and providing you any new trends or update from YouTube so you can adapt quickly.
But I’m an experienced YouTuber already, can I still benefit from this course?
100%. Just because you are an experienced YouTuber, doesn’t mean you know everything. Within this course, I not only focus on the YouTube success, but also the business side of knowledge and practice, which took me years of practice to master. I also dedicated two modules for more advanced YouTubers as well.
What if I buy your course and already know everything in there? Or just don’t think it gives me enough value?
Fair enough (even though I doubt you know “everything”), and that’s why this course has a full 14-days action based money-back guarantee (when you paid in full). No questions asked. So what other excuses do you have if you have 0 risk and can get all your money back? Laziness? ACT now or never! 
What happens if YouTube goes away after I put years of work into my channel?
YouTube is currently estimated at a value of $300 Billion Dollars, that’s right, with the “B”. So if anything, this should be your last concern. However, in one of the modules we will go over how to diversify your content, so you are not only successful on YouTube but also everywhere else.
I get shy and nervous in front of the camera. Can this course help me in any way?
I was NEVER confident in front of the camera in the early stage of my YouTube career. This is why you are going to benefit so much from this course. You will learn all the mindset and psychology behind being a successful YouTuber and how to conquer any potential challenges that you may face within yourself or from the outside world in the future. I have no doubt about it. 
I don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive equipment, what can I do?
You DON’T need a bunch of expensive equipment to become a successful YouTuber and make money. I started with a camera that cost last than $100 (Yes, I was broke at that time too, so I know how you feel). Plus, we will go over affordable equipment within this course and what to purchase later on when you want to level up your production.
Do you have an affiliate program if I introduce my friends to buy the course?
Yes, we do! We will give you 5% for every person that is referred by you and stays within the program for more than 30 days. Make sure they mention your name when they purchase.
I really want to purchase this course but I don’t have the money right now, what can I do?
Trust me, I’ve been there before. I know the feeling and your pain. We understand some people have financial challenges, yet still have the desire to take this course. That’s why we give you an option of 3 payments of $197 for three months, that means you only need to pay $197 today to have the full access to the course.

Start Your Journey to Dominate Youtube.

Get access to all of this for only $497 (Or 3 payments of $197)

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